Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ricky and Isa Bond
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I wanted to take it easy his first day so it was just a day of running errands and chilling at the house. While we did that I took El to Totally Me Salon on Conroy to enjoy the last of her Mother's Day gift of a haircut and manicure/pedicure. We had lunch at O'Boy's barbecue where Ricky and Isa bonded and later in the evening El let me and him head out to the theater to catch the new Indiana Jones flick. I was looking forward to the film and while it didn't disappoint it did feel lacking in some respects. It's obvious Lucas and Spielberg tried to recapture the old spirit of the previous films, but let's face it...Indy is just too godd*mn old to do what he used to do. Still it had left me with good closure (Brody and Henry Sr. both passed away, Indy reunites with Marion - whom I felt was trying too hard to "act", and couple of other surprises). I think what I loved most about the previous films was despite incredible storylines they were always done in a believable, gritty way. Indy got banged up. Special effects were kept to a minimum. Now it seems every movie, including this one, has to use CGI somewhere and the film suffered somewhat from it. It was also interesting to see in the beginning the motorcycle scene that El and I watched firsthand at Yale while attending Lalaine and Joe's wedding

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