Thursday, May 15, 2008


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Monday morning we were up early and I decided to play hooky from work and take the two ladies to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios to let Isa play at the Seuss Landing. Kind of an impromptu extension of the previous night. The day was clear, warm and breezy and I wanted to take advantage of it. El was pleasantly surprised to not have to get right back to our weekly routine. We ate at First Watch, one of her favorite lunch places and then off to the theme parks.

Here she is with a monkey on her back. It was one of El's gifts (joke gift) and while we were skeptical about putting our child on a "leash" it made sense when we had a second baby and Isa running around, especially in a busy parking lot. We gave it it's test run and (A) Isa loved it and kept kissing it (B) It gave her room to feel independent and not always having to hold our hand and (C) worked as designed without any sneers from passerbys.

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