Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas 2007!

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Isa does a little dance's Christmas time!

This year has been kinda of taxing for all of us. Alot of driving and trips here and there. Lots of parties to prepare for. Visitors and visiting. I was looking forward to a quiet evening with my small family here in Orlando. I was pretty adamant about staying home and accepting no more reservations for the rest of the year at Hotel Pineda.

Christmas Eve was spent with an early day at work to prepare a little bit of food for my crew in On-Air Graphics to kick it off. Prior to that we had a department party with gift exchange. I even scored a cologne set of Antonio Banderas from my secret Santa - ahem. Gift packs from vendors came in all week from Harry and David and such. Al even took us all out to Fun Spot for a couple of rounds at the go-carts on the company dime. Very cool.


Anonymous said...

Sweet white tree and I love the train! Glad you and Isa had a great Christmas.

Lek said...

Thanks Goose hope you had a good holiday as well.