Friday, April 20, 2012

Soft Shell Crab Festival @ Port Royal

The last few weeks have been long. Really long. After speaking with my supervisor about weekend plans he mentioned this festival near Beaufort, SC. Soft shell crabs, antique car show, rides and games for kids and the weather was shaping up to be beautiful - sunny and warm. What's not to like about that?

El and I have been itching to take a short day trip somewhere to blow off some steam. We've both been having some pretty hectic schedules these last few weeks with getting the kids to adjusted to daycare, treating runny noses and coughing, working non-stop at home and work. This seems like the perfect opportunity to get some local seafood, be outside, shoot some photography and generally decompress.

Hopefully, we will all feel better by tomorrow morning to make the excursion to Port Royal, SC (right by Beaufort). Fingers crossed. I guess this means getting clothes and food ready for the trip and getting the kids to bed at a reasonable hour so we can start bright and early the next morning.

I'd love to get more shots for my upcoming book. Beaufort is also a very photogenic town and I hope to make it back out to the Tree Graveyard to reshoot if the tides are low enough. I should check on that now...

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