Thursday, April 05, 2012


alarm-clock by erickpineda527
alarm-clock, a photo by erickpineda527 on Flickr.

Maybe I'm out of practice or maybe my body just handle the regimented schedule as well as it used to. Monday thru Friday is basically the same. El and I are up right around 5am to get showered and dressed quickly and take turns rousing the kids up to get ready for daycare. We stopped making breakfast for the most part since the daycare makes a simple and quick one for the kids - it literally saves us 30 minutes off our time. We have to be on the road no later than 6:30am to beat daycare traffic and back on the road no later than 6:45am to beat bridge traffic downtown to get to MUSC. Since we carpool we walk to our buildings to get in by 7:15-7:30am.

We meet for a fast 30 minute lunch in the horseshoe if workload doesn't slow one of us down. By 5:30ish we are back fighting our way thru traffic to pick up the kids. We fight the rest of the way to get home before Bailey uses the bathroom on our floors. Kids are washed up and sometimes bathed before dinner (which may or may not be prepared already - depends on how we feel the day before).

By 7:30pm we have had dinner and usually followed by chores (if we have energy). By 8 the kids should already be bathed and in bed no later than 9pm.By 10 pm we are in bed ourselves if we are lucky.

Usually thru the night one or both kids have found their way to our bed to wake us up momentarily. Then the cycle starts all over again. Note that thru the day I find myself TRYING to stay awake and usually have to step outside to get some air or a drink.

El has only 4 day work weeks so that last day I'm on my own, but at least I don't have to wake up the kids so early, Still at the end of the day my body feels like tapioca.

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