Sunday, April 08, 2012

Happy Easter!

Dad and the kids by erickpineda527
Dad and the kids, a photo by erickpineda527 on Flickr.

Earlier part of the week would have scared most into thinking the weekend was going to be a wipe. Cold and rainy. Nope this weekend shaped up to be pretty killer.

Easter Sunday we were up early and cooked (appropriately enough) Eggs in a Basket for breakfast. Afterwards we rolled into Easter Mass and then headed over to Triangle Char & Bar nearby for lunch.

Seeing this place REALLY makes me want to open my restaurant. It;s exactly what I would want. Simple, fresh, well cooked food with the right ambience of being outdoors, but not. Temp was just right with a slight breeze and the place was packed.

After lunch I decided to do a quick shoot with El and the kids, but Nico Boy passed out before we got home. I decided to photograph El and Isa and wait until later for the little guy.

When he did I got them cleaned up and got a great (rare) shot of me with them compliments of Ellen. Anyways, Happy Easter everyone! I'd love to hang out with the family doing gardening, but freelance work calls today (and tonight)...

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