Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ellen and Kids by erickpineda527
Ellen and Kids, a photo by erickpineda527 on Flickr.

By Monday, Memorial Day, I was up early again with El to quickly clean the house and get the pork shoulder BBQ'd for the day's festivities with friends, Rya, Todd and Ninang Jen. Menu was simple with the guests bringing various cold fruits and El and I whipping together the Pulled Pork BBQ Sammies, Roasted Corn Salad with Blue Cheese and Cilantro, boiled peanuts, spiked lemonade and homemade Banana Pudding. You know the food is good when Jen says her stomach is about to explode from trying to inhale everything. I gotta admit that damn pulled pork was perfect. It's definitely going on the menu if and when I pull the trigger on the food truck idea.

Aftewards, we headed to the community potluck to hang and socialize with our neighbors. Did I mention what a great weekend it was? It was. Thank you El for your planning and hard work. You made it memorable for me, despite me being a pain in the ass about it! Love you!

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