Friday, January 27, 2012

Cmon Spring get here already...

We've been having some pretty dreary weather this past week and sitting in front of the computer and seeing it has been challenging. But literally a ray of hope came through the other day. What started out as another grey day ended up being sunny and warm. Woot!

I've been looking at my brown lawn and waiting patiently for spring to come around so I can immerse myself in landscaping again. I love it outdoors. I even preemptively seeded and fertilized over the winter break.

Lush, green grass all trimmed up and fresh. Flower beds cleaned of dead leaves. Trees starting to fill in. To me it's very intoxicating, Kinda like when I get a haircut or detail my car. Satisfying on so many levels. Hell I even got a nice postcard from property management end of last summer letting me know I've been doing good work! Validating indeed.

My biggest project this spring has to be building a new pergola piped with electrical and gas line. I've been doing some research and planning on best methods to construct this. It doesn't seem all that hard if you plan it properly (and have an extra set of hands). My buddy Carl wanted to do one, too. Being the ultra cool guy I am I offered to help him out. That way we can fix whatever we screw up on his and make sure we don't repeat it for mine!!!

Lowes are you ready? C'mon Spring! Get here already!


ha1ku said...

Would doing that as a side business be of interest? If the property management has noticed your fine work, that probably means your neighbors have too.

Lek said...

I enjoy it, but not as a profession. Being outdoors working is great so long as I'm not doing it everday all day. I 'm sure the guys who do it professionally wished they had a computer job instead. Haha!