Thursday, June 09, 2011

Alot has happened in the past 2 years...

Tonight I decided to water the garden and lawn by hand vs. using the sprinklers. It had been a long day and I guess I needed the quiet night air. Weird how a cool breeze after a long, hot day at dusk can put you somewhere else. It had got me thinking about the past two years and where I had been.

I missed alot of what I did on a regular basis as a way of journaling what had been going on with me and my family. TWO YEARS. I know I:

1. Missed putting entries into my blogger
2. Working with my hands (as evident by the sudden compulsion to immerse myself back into home projects)
3. Understand that I work hard (too hard sometimes?) and forget to take a breather
4. Glad to be back in Charleston closer the people that matter most to me
5. Am enjoying my weekends much more now that I... (see #3)
6. Am contemplating where my career will lead me to next (am I a designer or am i entrepreneurial restauanteur?)
7. That in some ways I still miss Florida (the Gulf beaches, the diversity of GOOD "hole-in-the-wall" eating joints)
8. How much has changed in my career so quickly

...amongst other things. SO what's the next logical thing to write about? How about where I left off after I resigned after 10 years at the Golf Channel.

1. I resigned TGC after 10 years of dedicated work to pursue and grow as a designer
2. Got hired on as art director for Caldwell Group during which time I immersed myself into rebranding and conceptualizing a whole new face for Golden Living.
3. 4 short months later after GL cut the budget from Caldwell I was hired on directly as their art director in which again I immersed myself into helping develop and grow a fledglling internal marketing department.
4. A year later because of personal reasons I decided to move my family back to Charleston, but not before informing my boss that I was thinking of resigning.
5. My boss then asked me to stay on board and work remotely from Charleston (to which I am currently doing)
6. I move to Charleston and sell my home in Orlando all in the very short span of two months later
7. I am back to my roots and quite happy.

There you go. So now about my family...
My wife, Eleanor, was offered two position before we moved to SC and chose to work with her old alma mater Medical University of South Carolina. We now have occasional weekends and nights together (we hadn't actually had any QT for the past 4-5 years after we had kids). My children, Isabella and Nicholas, are cute little knuckleheads whom I adore immensely. I consider myself quite lucky in this regard. They're fantastic kids. I still have my old pal, Bailey, with me. He's been a good dog despite that we don't quite give him the attention we lavished upon him in Florida prior to us having children. Poor guy.

Lately, I've been doing some research in two areas of interest regarding my career. Do I continue on in the field of design (starting over here in SC)? Do I go back to agency life? Do I go freelance? Do I start my own studio? I've got the equipment. I've got the experience, knowledge and skill. I've got the desire to do so.


do I continue exploring my other love - cooking? Anyone who has followed this blog knows my past history and dreams of reactivating my passion in the hospitality field. I have a plan in mind. I've got a solid concept and partners in the wait. It's currently in the planning/development stage. Can;t say what is yet lest I jinx myself.

Ahhh choices, choices, choices. The next question is will I continue down this path of blogging??? I used to enjoy (maybe I still do), but my time to devote to something like this is already limited. I use(d) Facebook, but it's become something of a passing novelty now. I even "cleaned house" a few months ago of "friends" and left only the ones I actually still read or communicate with on a somewhat frequent basis. Social media has its place, but I find it tempting to pull the cord on my FB. There's something liberating about minimizing my personal memos out in cyber land and only including those who know where to find me (here, for example).

Facebook has become MySpace. I don't "collect" friends. I no longer need to validate my existence by having 350+ "friends". Who the hell actually KNOWS that many people? I can count my closest friends on my toes and fingers - not including family and relatives, of course. So overrated.

Alright maybe I will get back in the habit of posting my photos and memoirs here instead of blabbing it out on FB all the time. I kinda miss the nightly ritual of getting on here and just writing whatever...

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